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Application is a free and cross-platform application that is used to set up and control your home sound system. It be used on iOS and Android devices, on your desktop. Is a wireless home sound system Sonos download that allows you listen your favorite music, radio stations, podcasts or anything you think of throughout your home. This comes with added bonus of being able to stream same song simultaneously on multiple speakers throughout your home. Has a range of speakers that can be used in different rooms of your home.

You use Sonos app Windows with your TV. Is a multi-room speaker system that allows you to play your favorite music in every room in house. Software product is available for free in Apple and Android stores and you can download it here. You use software product control whole system from one place. Is a home sound system that is connected to one or more speakers. The speakers are connected the internet and the user can stream music from multiple different sources. Us available on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Amazon Alexa. Is available in two different types of speakers: Play:1 ($199), which is a single speaker for a single room or Play:3 ($349), which is a three-piece speaker for a large room. Play:3 is the more expensive speaker.


Interface of Sonos Windows application is minimalistic and intuitive. It is easy to find what you need, software product is fast and responsive. At first glance, interface of Sonos Mac app is overwhelming. The app has four navigation tabs at top. If you are looking to play music, first tab is for this. If you are looking to play anything else, fourth tab is for this.

Interface of application is very well designed. It has an intuitive navigation (check out detailed instructions on with high quality graphics that makes it easy to find the desired content. Interface of application is divided into three sections: Library, Playlists, Now Playing. The Library is where music is stored. Playlists section has possibility to create different lists, for example for different occasions. Now Playing section is where the current song is displayed.


The Sonos application is very easy to use, has an intuitive interface laptop hat is set up to make it easy to control your speakers.  This is located in top right corner of screen is what I wanted to do. I just wanted play music in my kitchen and living room. The second thing that I noticed was “Play Music” button. This button download Sonos app changes screen to a list of songs along with the name of artist and album. When you tap on a song it will start play and will show the album art and the artist.


Sonos application is very functional, with lots of features that make it easy to use. I am able see button for my install Sonos speaker. The button will show me name of speaker and what room it is in. I can tap on name of room and it will show me album art, artist as well as allow me to play or stop song. It is possible see battery life of speaker, volume level.


The Sonos application has good support, with customer service available to answer questions and help with any issues. If you tap on Sonos install logo in top left corner of screen, it will take you back to home page and show you the four navigation tabs. If you need help, you can go “Support” tab and it will show you a list of tutorials that you can scroll through. Company provides excellent support for their software product. Is designed with user in mind, it is easy to use and to navigate. App has a great interface that is both easy to use to navigate. Functions are well-organised and intuitive.


  • How do I delete a Sonos computer Playlist?
    You can delete a playlist by pressing and holding a playlist and then dragging it to top of your screen to trash can. Alternatively, you can delete a playlist by going to Settings > Music and Playlists > Playlists > Edit Playlists > press and hold a playlist, drag it top of your screen trash can.

  • How do I update software on my products?
    To update your software on your Sonos PC products, go to App Store or Google Play and download latest version of Sonos application.

  • What applications are available?
    Offers two applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, PC, Macintosh.

  • What is the difference between Desktop Controller and Controller App?
    Controller App is available only on mobile devices and makes it easy to control your system access all of your music and playlists. Desktop Controller is available for Mac, Windows, makes easy to control your Sonos android system and access your music, playlists.


I would recommend application to anyone who has a Sonos system. Is a good product for people who want to listen to music in their home. It is easy to use and offers a wide variety of sources and methods for listening to music.

Free Sonos Application for PC